HP Election result 2018 live Vote counts, Win and loose

By | January 4, 2018

HP Election result 2018, Himachal Pradesh Election result, HP Election 2018 live Vote counts, HP Election result 2018 Win and loose, HP Election result details are available on this page, here to download. 

HP Election was conducted on 9 Nov of 2018 in the whole state and voters give their valuable vote to their favorite party in the election. The votes will be counted on 18 December, along with that of HP. The term of the current State Legislative HP Election result 2018 will come to an end by in the month of the year. So, the HP election 2018 will be held in late 2018 to elect 68 members of the Himachal Pradesh live Vote counts.

HP Election result 2018

Himachal Pradesh election was established in the year 1971 on January 25th. The Indian capital city of this state is Shimla, which is the largest city of place Himachal Pradesh. In the year 1999, the enormous computerization system came into the picture with the intention to reduce the errors and the maintenance database on the computer. Due to the introduction of this, the data of elections have been accessible very easily so they can be downloading HP Election result 2018 live Vote counts, Win and loose from our official website.

Though there are several local political parties the HP state is mainly dominated by these two national level parties; INC (Indian National Congress) and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). The geographical conditions of this state Himachal Pradesh are varying with respect to districts. The last Himachal Pradesh election was held in 2012, in which the Indian National Congress (INC) wins and was able to form a government. The Chief Ministerial candidate of Congress was, Virbhadra Singh and he have been ruling Himachal Pradesh result election from 2012.

HP Election 2018 live Vote result Counts

Those candidates will also Communists are supporting six independents. While a total of 154 nominations were filed initially state, 28 nominations were withdrawn, leaving 126 candidates in the fray. The election 2018 was not fought on party symbols. The Different symbols were allotted to the candidates by the Himachal Pradesh State Election Commission. While voters will HP vote result 2018 for councilors, the party that wins will have an internal election for Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The last election, voters voted for Mayor as well as Deputy Mayor.

The HP state came under the direct governance of Indian judiciary immediately after independence and now it has the well-built political infrastructure. We know that Hindi is the official languages of the state and English is the additional official language for Himachal Pradesh. The parliamentary constituency of Himachal Pradesh is 4. There is a total no. of 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh. The population of a state is 6,864,602 and the literacy the level is 82.80%. The present Governor is Acharya Dev Vrat and the Chief Minister is Virbhadra Singh, an INC candidate. During the other months of the year, HP Election result declared as soon.

Himachal Pradesh Election Result

The Himachal Pradesh candidates have some interesting features associated with dates of a poll, percentage of the election service voter & live Vote counts, photo identity card, computerization of Electoral roll, founded of Polling stations, expenditure on elections and various other features. The Bharatiya Janata Party has supported 34 candidates, while the Congress 24 and the CPI-M have 21 candidates. In this election, the Women turned out in larger numbers than men to cast their vote.

The HP elections are usually conducted in 2 phases, for the open area and the other for the snowbound and hilly areas in Shimla. This is conducted as per the HP election schedule 2018 announced by ECI. During the times of HP election result 2018, the State Government makes all provisions for the opening of passes and roads by deploying men and machinery. Those applicants are waiting for a long time when the passes time are closed, the material required for the purpose of elections is being transported through the air on their visit site.

HP Election result 2018 Win and loose

So that the various functions of the HP elections result are not is disturbed.  Few states are hilly and few others are plain. Usually, when the Himachal Pradesh elections are conducted between the month of May and November, it takes place in both the open and snowbound areas.

An estimated 50.25 lakh people, including 19 lakh women and 14 transgender individuals are expected to cast their HP vote on the year. HP Election 2018 the total no. of candidates 338 including 19 women are in the fray for the electoral battle for the Congress-ruled Himachal Pradesh election 2018, where the BJP is determined to take power.

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